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"Cattle Call"~ is an ode to all the history and beauty that every Cowboy, Rancher, Rodeo enthusiast, and Countrygirl loves! This keepsake box is one heck of a showpiece, from its real horseshoes, Steer skull, horse head feet, metal bow and arrows, and even the mini dream catchers with dangling feathers! I created this piece with many textures, from plasters to mica powders, inks, gilded waxes, and more! This piece will have you looking at it and finding something new every time! There is even a horseshoe under the box for stability and counterbalance. The horseshoes are real and worn by one of our family horses on the ranch! The lid was given extra support by applying a chain to both sides. This is the perfect gift for the cowboy/cowgirl in your life!

Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 7.5

"Cattle Call" Country Keepsake Box

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