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"Eye Gotcha Box"~ was so fun to create! Who doesn't love a little creepy fun this time of the year? I wanted to create something that was, of course, different but had a playful yet macabre feeling to it.  This truly One-of-a-Kind art piece is as functional as it is fun to admire. The extended hand appears to have clawed its way from the depths of the box while safely chained within. The Eye, oh the Eye! It is so mesmerizing you will swear it stares at you just as much as you will stare at it! It is so realistic (it even has eyelashes!) The textures and unique feel of the box are really incredible. From inks to the many textures, jute, acrylics, gilded waxes, mica powders, and more were used to create a screaming mottled skin look!  This is the perfect functional art piece for the person who loves Halloween or just loves all things macabre!

Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 12

"Eye Gotcha Box"

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