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"Gone Girl"~is a unique wall art piece created with many mediums giving this piece a Vintage look with dimensions, texture, and layers of rich color.  The beveled thick wood background was texturized and "painted" with layers of inks, mica powders, acrylics, gilded waxes, and more. The intricate framing you see was hand-poured over a mold of an antique marble frame and given the many contrasts you see in the wooden background.  The centerpiece of this beauty is an ephemera portrait that has been given more of a vintage look with different mediums and then crackled.  This piece is simplistic in design but intricate in its creation. A wall mount is already attached but can be placed in a stand of your choice for display.

Dimensions: 12 x 2.5 x 9

"Gone Girl" Mixed Media Wall Art

SKU : "Gone Girl" wall art piece.
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  • As all art pieces produced and sold by BRONZEDcurlz™ are originals and never duplicated, their shipping and delivery are especially important.  BRONZEDcurlz™ pays for shipping and insurance during transport on each piece.  There are no returns or exchanges, and any damage during transport should be handled between the buyer and insurance provider directly.  Please note that if any issues are noted upon delivery, please contact us directly so that we may assist with correcting the situation.

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