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"Intricacies of Faith" ~ is definately a one-of-a-kind functional art piece! The mesmerizing abstract beauty has so manylayers of different mediums giveing it an incredible depth with gorgeous colors! From layers of broken clay moldings, which I used to create a base design , to wood pieces, metal embellishments,beautiful hardware and unique touches throughout, this functional art piece really stands apart! This is one stunning keepsake box! I love how it almost gives you the feeling of stainedglass peeking through the ornate layers where a beautiful embellished cross stands out in all of its glory.  I used so many different mediums! From acrylics, inks, gilded waxes, mica and embossing powders, resin, clay, and so many more, such a unique look and feel was created! This piece has been dura clear coated through the multiple layers ensuring it keeps it's magical appearance for years to come! This is a perfect gift for any occasion! 

Dimensions are approximately: 9.5 4.5 x 8

"Intricacies of Faith"

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