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"Slim Shady"~ is a very unique and definitely one-of-a-kind lamp!  Created with a vintage liqueur bottle that has been "tapped" with a water spicket that has what appears to be liqueur dripping out of it.  This piece has an Edison bulb enclosed in a bulb cage with a very intricate Steampunk Hat adorning the top.  There is even a real working (wind-up) pocket watch sitting aside the bulb cage.  This piece has everything and anything a Steampunk Lover would need to light up their life (or at least a living room area or a bar!)

This piece has been intricately designed to create this amazing functional art piece!  The heart-stopper on this one is of course the Steampunk Hat.  Adorned with some intricate cogs wheel designs, clock hands, steampunk goggles, and of course an amazing feather arrangement of Peacock, Ostrich, Rooster, and Pheasant.  This hat is incredibly striking and gives this piece so much to talk about!  The Steampunk Hat simply sits atop the bulb cage, using a counter-weight design only a steampunker could imagine.  The counterweights are chain and copper wire balls.  The balls when let down, secure the hat in place.  If you wish to let the balls hang loose, do so!  If you wish to be more discrete in your counter-balance mechanism, you can simply tuck away your balls on the rim of the hat.  The chain on the counter-weight need only be pulled up (on one side-your pick) and the hat lifts for you to change the bulb.  A brand new 40w Edison Bulb is included!

BRONZEDcurz™ does not have the ordinary signature seen on all art pieces, instead, a simple stainless steel embellishment of (BC) adorns the top of the vintage liqueur bottle.

This is one heck of a steampunk functional art piece, but it  is so much more when you consider the conversations that will take place around it!

Dimensions: 36" Tall, Width is 13" and Depth is 14" (most of the circumference is from the hat with the massive feather arrangement!)



"Slim Shady" Steampunk lamp

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