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"The Feathered Inn "~ is an assemblage art piece that is definitely One-of-a-Kind! This unique and intricate piece creates an entire world out of a plain wood birdhouse! This is truly a conversation piece where you will find something new every time you look at it! This bad boy is a 360-degree, intricately created piece, where woodwork, sculpting, painting, metalwork, resin work, and many other mediums were used to create it! Real copper fittings and even a miniature copper water pump add so much rustic steampunk-inspired piece, giving it a unique story! As there is so much to see, this piece has a mounted (lazy-susan) under it so it can be viewed in all its glory!   I hope you enjoy this unique piece as much as I did dreaming and creating it! Check out the video for a 360-degree look and the pictures. I could not capture it all, but that is the fun of it. "The Feathered Inn" is the perfect gift for someone who has everything and enjoys a real conversation piece!  
Approximate Dimensions: 18 x 11 x 15

"The Feathered Inn"

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