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"The Grammy Box"~ is a unique and playful twist on a Gramaphone styled keepsake box! This piece is simply gorgeous! I really wanted to give this piece a simplistic beauty that really fits with the vintage style attributed to the age of the Gramaphone! From the rich wood to the amazing embellishments this piece is as unique as it is functional. The embellishments include beautiful hardware, intricate filigree, an inset replica mini vinyl record, a reproducer, a sound horn, and so much more. The entire piece has been dura clear coated to last! This imaginative piece will add a vintage flair to any music lovers home as well as keep their precious keepsakes! A perfect gift for music lovers and those who love all things eclectic and vintage.

Approximate Dimensions:  "6 length x "6 width x "8.5 tall (with embellishments)

"The Grammy Box"

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