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The "Hot and Steamy"~ is a mixed media art piece that is as unique as you will ever find!  This art piece is as functional as it is imaginative and even has moving parts! A wooden box that has been totally transformed using almost every medium I could manage, from acrylics, joint compounds, modeling clay, mica and embossing powders, hand ink-shading, gilded waxes, and so many more.

Adornments include An original Weeden Brass Boiler equipt with a free moving fly-wheel pulley and a sighted glass tube, that is all original and covered in beautiful rust. Real copper fittings, laser-cut cogwheels, chains, clay moldings, galvanized pipe fittings, antique pulley, art stones, hand-created gauges, lots of metal and wood, new hardware, and more. 

Dimensions: 11 " tall, 18" wide, and 9.5" deep

This is truly a one-of-a-kind art piece that anyone with a love of steam engines, Weeden collectors, Steampunk enthusiasts, and anyone with a love of the imagination would totally be enamored with!

The "Hot and Steamy", Steampunk mixed media Box

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