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"The Lockdown Box"~ is a totally tricked-out vintage wooden cigar box! This piece came out so amazing with the different textures, colors, and images that I could have photographed it for days!  Talk about a conversation piece and a perfect place to hold your keepsakes!  You will want this on display for everyone to see, with so many mesmerizing details. You will find something new every time you look at it.  I wanted this piece to show the many ways we felt during the Lockdown, as there was a feeling of prison, deterioration, and isolation. Yet there was some beauty that comes with the world changing around us.

Created with plaster, acrylics, modeling clay, hardware, chains, a rusted antique lock, art stones, decoupage paper, hardware, and more.  Several techniques were used, such as sculpting, decoupage, foiling, and many more. 

Dimensions: 11.5 X 7 X7.5

"The Lockdown Box"

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