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"The Mad Tea Party"~ is a fun way to explore the imagination that is all things "Alice in Wonderland!"  With an oversized wrought-iron hand extended out from inside the teapot that holds so many wonders! From all the beautiful little cups and saucers to plates stacked high with cake and pies! A white rabbit peaks out as you can see the magic of the spiral clock to the mushrooms that all appear out of place! There is a functioning small pocket watch on the outside, and more fun all the way around! A top hat sits upon the spout in which a drop of liquid pours out! You will definitely not miss the iconic "Drink Me" sign or the giant clock with the keyhole on the back. This is just one fun piece for anyone who loves all things "Alice in Wonderland."  Look hard, and you will find something new every time you look at it!

Dimensions: 9 x8 x6

"The Mad Tea Party"

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