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"The Voodoo, That I Do"~ This is a One-of-a-Kind functional art piece that is also a tribute to the traditions of my deep Louisiana culture. A unique ode to New Orleans Voodoo! A beautiful wooden piece adorned with everything from miniature skulls to a bronzed hand holding one heck of an amazing shrunken head! The beautiful shrunken head was hand molded in clay, painted, and adorned with quite the headdress! This beautiful wooden piece even opens in the back for you to hide your own little secrets! From the hand-molded shrunken head created to give an authentic look and placed upon a beautiful bronzed hand holding it in all its glory! The piece has everything from metalwork, sculpting, woodwork, and even resin pouring. Perfect for the person who loves all things Macabre! The inside has red lights that, when turned on, give an eerie glow around the severed head. There are even little hooks inside to hang anything from sage to your keys! You will also get a real Voodoo doll straight from the New Orleans House of Marie Laveau (a Lousiana Creole Voodoo practitioner who died in 1881 but remains quite famous in our neck of the woods!) What a fun and creepy piece for someone feeling a little witchy!

Dimensions: 18 x 8.5 x 8

"The Voodoo, That I Do"

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