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"Written In Stone"~ is a beautifully created box in the form of a book! Created in all wood and given a feeling and look of stone and peeling plaster. This piece is truly mesmerizing with the many textures created and given its depth and richness from inks, shaded by hand, texturizing, and gilded waxes. The intricacy of this piece is sheer perfection, as its depth and richness feel like butter poured over marble. The wording on the wooden scroll is Gaelic Gothic giving it an old-world look. The inside cover has a gorgeous cameo in shades of Jade. A metal feather and nib add to this unique design that writers everywhere can appreciate. A perfect piece for any end table or book shelf as it also hides away those precious belongings!

Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 3

"Written In Stone"

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